Yet another linux on Chromebook post…

I have written about crouton that provides chroot installs of popular linux distributions like ubuntu, debian and kali. I followed that up by installing the official linux on Chromebook offering.

Now I just have to tell you about my new favourite solution – chromebrew

The reason I like chromebrew is that it simply extends chromeos to run like any other linux distribution – “…Chromebooks with Chrome OS run a Linux kernel. The only missing pieces to use them as full-featured Linux distro were gcc and make with their dependencies. Well, these pieces aren’t missing anymore…”

The biggest advantage with chromebrew is that it takes so little space, which is a limited quantity on most Chromebooks. It also has a good package manager, crew.

With crew, it is easy to add the apps you need, try ‘crew install nano’. Package installer scripts are written in ruby and support aarch64, arm7l, i686 & x86_64 processor architectures.Check out crew packages

Have fun!

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